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Reach 1000 websites for free with holiday home

'Finally a rental service that takes care of all portals for me.'

Family Reinhardt from Austria





With us you can reach all important holiday home portals in Europe

No hidden costs. Complete success based commission from the guest.

There used to be only a few holiday house operators with catalogues.

The number of holiday house portals is growing with the internet.

Now it is getting more confusing every day with all the different GTC.

You reach ALL important holiday home portals with only one contract if you are working with us.

Benefit from our unique booking network:

''More guests with many portals - without additional effort!"

Petr Pangrac from Germany

The network of holiday home portals

Reach all clients in Europe with holiday home


Benefit from our advantages

  • b

    Take care of one portal and reach all the other important ones.

  • $

    Only one contract and 1,000 websites.

  • D

    You manage your house and we will do the rest.

  • M

    Free marketing consultation from A-Z.

  • B

    Our portal keeps you up to date about all important developments.

  • m

    We are communicating transparently, clearly and reliable.

  • 2

    We are offering Swiss sustainability and reliability.

  • %

    We are available on the spot in your national language by phone.

  • r

    We take care of the whole booking process with your clients.

  • The client pays us a success-related commission.

  • V

    From now on you are always on top of Google.

  • o

    We bear all the distribution costs - also at all travel agencys.

For you and your customers always available all over Europe.

Landlord- and customer service
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holiday home is always by your side


'We are already working for five successful seasons with holiday home! I'm very satisfied with the service, the competence, the procedure and with the employees of holiday home who are there for us every time.'

Mara Knježević from Crikvenica, Croatia

'The best is that holiday home is offering the arrival and departure dates on Saturdays. So I don't have empty days during the summer season.'

Ákos & Kati S. from Siófok, Hungary

The management portal of holiday home offers you

  • Free disposal

    You manage your occupancy according to your requirements.

  • Occupancy calendar

    Our calendar updates automatically all other holiday home portals.

  • Review management

    You can comment on all reviews on your own.

  • Price adjustment

    You determine the prices at any time.

  • The mobile version

    Our portal works on all devices.

  • Campaigns & projects

    Regulate your position in search engines with discounts.

  • Personal advice

    Your personal contact person gives advice to you for free.

  • Consulting on the spot

    If requested, we are also happy to visit you.

  • Data updates

    Our simple data structure provides all other booking portals.

  • Complete handling

    We are taking care of the whole booking process including confirmation, payment, voucher, reminder mechanism and a lot more.

  • All languages

    We speak all European languages with our booking network.

  • Contract

    Our contract and our GTC are easy, understandable and cooperative.

Holiday Home is taking care of the whole booking process. You can relax.

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