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Technical questions

Question: At which resolution can the site be displayed optimally?
Answer: This site is for optimized for a display resolution of 1024x768. If you would like to change the resolution of your display, please follow these measures: 
- Move your cursor on a clear area of your desktop. 
- Right click and choose the menu point "Properties". 
- It calls in a window with the title "Display settings". Choose "Settings" in this window. 
- A scrollbar appears below with the title "Resolution". Choose the new resolution of 1024x786 there. 
- Press "OK" or "Apply" 
- Confirm the message with "OK". 
- After that the display is changed to the chosen resolution. 
- If the setting worked, you will see a little window with the question whether you would like to keep the new display resolution. Confirm this message with with "YES". So the settings will be closed. You can close now all windows. 
- If your display doesn´tproduce a correct picture, please wait 15 seconds. After that, the old settings will be restored. In this case, your graphic card does not support the resolution of 1024x786 or you have not installed the right driver.
Question: What is a cookie? Are cookies installed when using the website
Answer: A cookie is a small file with text information that is transmitted on your browser (e. g. Netscape Navigator or MS Internet Explorer) from a web server. This information is not larger than 4000 digits (bytes) and as will never be exported from your browser as a program. The cookie can contain neither programs nor viruses.
We have deposited a cookie on your computer as security. That helps us optimizing the website. By this, we survey usage of our website in anonymous form, for instance the parent domain, the number calls of the site, the length of stay etc. These files serve purposes of statistics and market analysis and are not given away for a third party.
Question: How can I allow cookies to be accepted?
Answer: In order to set your browser to accept cookies, take measures as follows:

    Netscape 4.5-4.7x: Edit -> Settings -> Advanced -> Accept all cookies 
    Netscape 6.0-7.x, Mozilla: edit -> Settings -> Private sphere -> Cookies -> Accept all cookies, ask before saving
    MS Internet Explorer 5.0-5.5: Extras -> Internet options -> Safety -> Set level of safety -> Cookies -> Accept cookies per session.
    MS Internet Explorer 6.0x: Extras -> Internet options -> Data protection -> Settings -> Advanced -> Allow cookies, disallow session cookies.
    Mac Safari: Safari -> Settings > Safety -> Accept cookies -> Only from website that I visit
    Opera 7.x: Files -> Quick settings -> Activate cookies 
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