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Holiday is the most beautiful time of the year. To enjoy your trip carefree and be protected against unforeseen events, the travel insurance from Allianz Global Assistance helps.

Together with our partner Allianz Global Assistance Holiday Home offers attractive conditions for the protection of your holiday home stay.

Travel cancellation insurance without excess

Insurance benefits

Cancellation Fee

If illness, accident or other serious events cause appear so that you cannot take the booked arrangement or you must leave prematurely, we will refund the cost of the unused part or the cancellation costs.

Delayed start of your holiday home stay

If the insured person due to an insured event, starts the trip with a delay, AGA will pay instead of the cancellation costs (up to the amount of the costs in case of cancellation) the additional travel costs incurred in connection with the delayed departure.

premature discontinuation

In case of premature discontinuation due to an insured event, AGA accepts the proportionate refund of the unused services (without return journey expenses). The departure day is considered for as the Arrangement - Day.

Important instructions

Insured events

- Illness, accident, death, pregnancy of the booked person and of fellow traveler and the non-traveling, related person at home.
- Damage to property at the place of residence
- Delay and failure of public transport on arrival
- Failure of the vehicle on the outward journey
- Strikes / hazards at the travel destination
- Unemployment / unexpected starting work
- Official summons
- Theft of passport or identity card


Worldwide. Coverage begins on the date of issue of the insurance policy and ends with the end of the rent. (Maximum duration: 3 years).


No excess.

What you should know

- Cancellation is the most common reason cause of loss.
- How quickly one of the children, a relative or a fellow traveler is unexpectedly ill. The travel cancellation insurance is valid even in case of accident or illness of family members who do not travel.
- Keep your risk as low as possible! With customized travel insurance that actually covers the travel discontinuation risk. In the travel cancellation insurance AGA also the travel interruption is insured. Traveling companions and relatives at home are included in the travel protection.
- Effect the travel cancellation insurance when booking. In the booking form you can select to add the insurance.
- You can effect up to 14 days after booking the travel cancellation insurance.

Do you have any further questions? We are happy to provide you for further information. Send us an email to or call us.

Insurance rate for travel cancellation insurance

The insurance rate is based on the rental price (excluding additional charges) for the holiday home residence and will be charged per object and booking.


For a holiday home with a rental price of 398 € a rate of 18 € for the travel cancellation insurance will be charged. For only 18 € you will receive professional insurance cover, which covers the costs in case of cancellation, late arrival or premature discontinuation.

The complete rates, please refer from the following list.

Code Rental Price Up to Rate
RRV100 100 € 9 €
RRV101 200 € 12 €
RRV102 300 € 15 €
RRV103 400 € 18 €
RRV104 500 € 23 €
RRV105 600 € 25 €
RRV106 700 € 28 €
RRV107 800 € 32 €
RRV108 900 € 36 €
RRV109 1.000 € 40 €
RRV110 1.200 € 48 €
RRV111 1.400 € 56 €
RRV112 1.600 € 64 €
RRV113 1.800 € 72 €
RRV114 2.000 € 80 €
RRV115 2.200 € 88 €
RRV116 2.400 € 96 €
RRV117 2.600 € 104 €
RRV118 2.800 € 112 €
RRV119 3.000 € 120 €
RRV120 4.000 € 155 €
RRV121 5.000 € 190 €
RRV122 6.000 € 230 €
RRV123 7.000 € 270 €
RRV124 8.000 € 310 €
RRV125 9.000 € 350 €
RRV126 10.000 € 390 €
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