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Questions on prices, extra costs, visitors´ tax

Question: Are the prices on the internet correct?
Answer: Yes, the prices on the internet Every time reflect the actual rent with the potential conversion rate. Please bear in mind that many house owners declare the rental price in the national currency and these might vary in relation with the sales currency (currency of payment). This can be in individual cases in favour or in disfavour of you. However, if you have decided to make a booking, these prices are valid and binding. Changes are possible only with high state standards. More about these can be found in the GTCRI of each country and offeror.
Question: What extra costs might occur?
Answer: The following kinds of cost might be added to the rental price: - the additional costs stated in the description (are individual and must be declared perfectly) 
- the visitors´ tax (the amount may vary by each country, town and region)
- the on-time agency fee of your travel agency (must be declared in the online booking process)
- possible premiums for the requested travel insurances (are displayed clearly)
- there is an extra fee to be expected under certain circumstances, if additional services are arranged (these must be arranged IN ADVANCE and are obligating (e. g. differing date of arrival and departure as well as shorter stays in low season) usually maximum EUR 25,-.
Question: What is visitor´s tax? Do I have to pay that? What cost apply for me? If the holiday resort is not a health resort, why do I have to pay visitor´s tax?
Answer: A tax of tourism is meant by visitor´s tax (local taxes) that is raise by the local authority of a town, region or country goverment for touristic infrastructure (cleanliness, beaches, hiking trails, culture etc.). It is charged separately and the amount depends on the setting of the object in the region, the date of holiday and the age of guests (children are usually charged less). The amount may vary and it does every time as well. Currency and bank transfer costs are added by conversion to various currencies, which the house owner usually considers in advance. The exact amounts can always be asked for at your travel agency.


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