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Questions concerning reservation and booking

Question: Can I also book on short notice? How does the booking continue then?
Answer: A short term booking is always possible at holiday home. The best is to give us a call . Please bear in mind:
- In this case we need either an eMail account or a fax number so we can send you the bill and the rental voucher as soon as possible
- You pay the invoice amount in cash at your bank (We can accept only cash)
- You fax us the stamped receipt of your cash deposit
- We mail or fax you your rental voucher
In general you are able to book one day before your vacation is supposed to start.
Question: Is an online reservation obligatory?
Answer: No. The reservation only prevents that someone else can reserve this object while you unhurriedly compare prices and service. Since our prices are generally the most favourable ones we would like to give you enough time to compare them to other offers. Not until you confirm your online reservation per eMail, fax or post you will get an obligatory booking. Please pay close attention to the experation date of the reservation. If you do not verify your reservation during this time everyone else is able to book this object again. Just give us a call if you want to extend your free reservation.
Question: Am I supposed to send you the rental contract by fax or is it enough to reserve online?
Answer: You have following possibilities to make your booking obligatory: 
1. You can confirm your online reservation with a phone call during our office hours. 
2. Respond to our confirmation eMail, which you will receive after your online reservation. 
3. Print out the rental contract from your online reservation, sign it and send it to us per fax or post.
Question: Can I call to make a booking?
Answer Just one call during our office hours is enough to make your booking obligatory.
Question: Booking: How long does it take until I get an answer from you?
Answer: A confirmation usually needs 1-2 days. Before a saison starts or when you book a hotel or a higly demanded object we generally wait for the verification from the house owner so everything is clear from the very first. This might take up to 3 working days. Unfortunately some house owners even need some more time. But that is very exceptional. It has always been our goal to provide the highest possible standard of safety for all our contract partners. We get very few complaints and are working on reducing them to zero.
Question: I can not print out my rental contract!
Answer: If you do not have a printer or any errors occur while printing, please use our hotline. This way you are able to confirm your online reservation by phone.
Question: Am I able to add or cancel persons later?
Answer: Basically a holiday object can accommodate only the number of people registered. Should people cancel or come in addition please inform the house owner through us as soon as possible. We will communicate with the house owner so he can make the appropriate preperations. In particular cases we ask the house owner about accommodations above the maximum number of people. If that is possible he will hardly object to the request - obviously he wants to win you as his guest. But since it is his house - it is still his dicision. Extra costs will be charged for additional persons. The fee can be raised for the extra work which has to be stated in the GTCRI.
Question: Do we get an insurance for package holidays?
Answer: YES, for every holiday package you will receive an insurance voucher by the respective insurer (insurance or bank). Hotels and holiday homes do not count as package holidays, as long as the arrival is arranged. An insurance voucher is not possible then.
Question: Do children count as a standard person?
Answer: Yes, children are counted among adults in touristical terms. In tourism beds and seats are important. What matters is the maximum amount of people. The calculation of the house owner is about if his guests are adults and children. Most of the house owners make a mixed calculation and count on people with children.
Question: The object was indicated to be available on the internet, why is it not confirmed?
Answer: This might happen shortly before the beginning of the main season if the house owner has already taken a booking request from another country parallelly with yours. He often announces this booking as soon as it is ensured by the money receipt from the bank. That is how a overlapping can occur. We gladly help you to find another house.
Question: Is the vacation object really available?
Answer: When you put in your duration of travelling and a check mark in the option "only available objects" the search engine will just list you objects that are reported to be available. Those objects can be reserved immediately.
Question: When do I receive the rental voucher and how do I get to my vacation object?
Answer: The voucher will be sent to you as soon as all the due payments have arrived in the booking country. It will be sent the earliest 4 weeks before your vacation starts, to be as up-to-date as possible. On the voucher you can find a "getting here"-suggestion from the next bigger city. It is the best to plan the exact route 1-2 days before travelling. Route planer will help you with that. The search engine has proved itself to be the best, where you can find "Routes" in the left menu. Afterwards you can take a look on all the popular routes in Europe free of charge. Additional overnight stays in between can also be booked here.
Question: The minimum lenght of a stay is 1 week. Is it possible to book for a shorter periode, too?
Answer: The following principle has to be considered: during a main saison NO during a low saison YES. In case of different dates of arrival and departure as well as shorter stays in the low season a possible extra rental price has to be expected (the price is not automatically week divided by 7 but a bit higher, lower than the weekly price, though). The travel agency usually charges some extra money for the additional expenses of callbacks and translations. This must be declared in the GTCRI! This case must be confirmed by the house owner.
Question: What happens if my object is not confirmed by the house/hotel keeper?
Answer: If your object is not confirmed and you have chosen an alternative object in our online reservation, we are booking that obligatorily. Should you have not chosen any alternative, we are sending you an email with alternative suggestions.
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